The latest technology in glass cleaning is pure water window cleaning. Go green today with pure water.


pure water

Pure Water Window Cleaning Is a system that consist  of a Purification Cart and a WFP (Water Fed Pole) and Brush. Our Purification Cart Is a 4 Stage Filtration process that removes all the trace minerals from the water creating absolute Pure Water No minerals no Calcium nothing but Pure Water. 

The Pure Water Is then fed to the WFP and Brush which we use to scrub the Glass & Frames which brings the dirt from the glass and window frames into the pure water which is then rinsed clean. Because there are no trace minerals the glass and frames dry spot free. And because there are no Chemicals or Soaps used the Glass Actually stays Clean Longer.

This is a very safe system allowing us to clean up to five Stories safely from the ground. 

Pure Water Window Cleaning is GREEN which means no Harm will come to your Building or Landscapes from Ladder Placement or chemical residue. Please contact us for more INFO: